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Quality Policy | THAI DELICA CO., LTD.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy


We commit to create the customer’s trust by creating quality and continually deliver the highest satisfaction to customers by…

1. Present a new technique and continually improve the products.

2. Creating of the products which meet the customer need through processes with reliable activities.

3. Operating a quality management system effectively for continuous improvements and make the customer’s trust.

4. Establish the quality objectives and communicate to all employees.



We are committed to work by awareness and responsibility toward the environment, to protect and continuously improve in every area of operation that we are committed including objectives, targets and programs of activities of environmental management and through management reviews every year.

It is our intention to undertake this environmental policy in order to improve the quality of life of employee, customers and community. We shall

1. Comply with applicable environmental legislations and regulations of government or organization concerning the environment.

2. Examine impacts on the environment that may be important factors in commencing or undertaking new projects or products.

3. Minimize natural resources and support reuse and recycling.

4. Conserve natural resources and energy that can be achieved through increased efficient use and reduce consumption.

5. Provide environmental education and training to increase awareness among all employees.

6. Support and promote work environment and work instruction including appropriate safety equipment using and maintain health among all employees.